Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Glory to God

Sermon for September 30, 2018 

Read Psalm98 and Philippians4:4-9      

I have a confession to make. I am not a particularly musical person. I can usually hit the right notes if I know the song well enough, but I am mediocre at best when it comes to reading music and I have no rhythm whatsoever. Despite well meaning music teachers and the best efforts of musical people in my life, I am just not very musical.

But the exception for me has always been church. In worship, I sing out and I sing out loudly. Part of that is because I grew up in the church and so I know many of the hymns by heart. But mostly it’s because singing in worship isn’t about me.

When people of faith worship, each piece of music, whether it is choral or instrumental, is directed toward God. In other words, when we sing, we offer God a gift. So in terms of worship, it doesn’t matter if you are an accomplished singer, or merely making a joyful noise to the Lord. All of it can be part of the sincere praise we are called to offer up to the One who loves us and gives us life.